The European Commission is organising a 2nd conference on European Reference Networks on 8-9 October 2015, which will be hosted by the Ministry of Health in Lisbon, Portugal. Included as an event in the Luxemburgish Council Presidency programme, this conference will bring together highly specialised healthcare providers, experts, national authorities, decision–makers, and independent bodies with experience in the assessment and evaluation of healthcare providers.

The conference will focus on the implementation of European Reference Networks and facilitate the exchange of information and expertise on establishing and evaluating such Networks. It will look into the next steps of the deployment process, in preparation for the forthcoming call for European Reference Networks in 2016. This event builds on the success of the 1st conference on European Reference Networkswhich took place in Brussels on 23 June 2014.

More information on the conference, including the conference agenda, registration and webstreaming can be found here.

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