BRAINS FOR BRAIN Onlus Foundation (B4B)


Thanks to the internationally acknowledged high-level expertise of its members B4B:

  • Supports the medical and scientific research, organizing workshops and directly encouraging the establishment of Research Centres.
  • Uses biotechnology to make available drugs, to discover new therapies and innovative diagnostic tools.
  • Promotes the upgrading and training of both Italian and foreign health operators, with particular attention to social welfare, and thereby encouraging the exchange between scientific and different cultural heritage.
  • Actively participates in the assessment and validation of guidelines and best practices before dissemination.
  • Disseminates knowledge and understanding of processes that give rise to neurological diseases with genetic basis, including through awareness campaigns.
  • Improves access to up-to-date information about rare diseases diagnosis, treatment and care, ensuring they are made available to everyone (experts, general practitioners or patients), thus avoiding knowledge fragmentation.

B4B also endeavours to actively contribute to the effective and successful communication of results and news on the latest scientific developments in relation to rare diseases and neurological diseases.
The number of peer-reviewed articles featured in international publications every year testifies the outstanding ability of B4B to share and implement scientific knowledge on neurogenetic diseases.
Last but not least the B4B foundation is actively promoting events and activities aimed at disseminating knowledge and understanding of processes involved in neurological diseases.