B4B - 2016

10th B4B Workshop and InNerMeD 3rd Open Conference

Brains for Brain Foundation (B4B), the organisation leading the “Inherited NeuroMetabolic Disease Information Network” (InNerMeD-I-Network) project, is pleased to announce that “The 10th B4B Plenary Workshop and InNerMeD Information Network 3rd Open Conference” will be jointly held in Madrid on March 16th – 19th 2016 at the Hotel Rafael Atocha.

The meeting aims to enable information exchange among clinicians, basic scientists and experts specialised in inherited neurometabolic diseases (iNMDs), pharmaceutical companies and family associations.

As usual, the programme will contain scientific and a strategic sessions on the following main topics:

Research achievements in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) at clinical and basic science level and in the field of Blood Brain Barrier;

  • New recent advances on natural history and pathophysiology of LSDs;
  • Factors which control the entry into the brain of medicines and other therapeutic agents which may be helpful in treating central nervous system disease;
  • How B4B and InNerMeD partners might collaborate with the European Union to stimulate interest on research in rare diseases;
  • The role of the industries in driving innovation for new therapeutic approaches for true unmet needs.

Moreover, this year the programme includes a Plenary Session to mark the retirement of Prof. David Begley. This special session will reflect David’s major scientific contributions, and will consist of a mix of review lectures and contributions on new developments on Blood Brain Barrier and the delivery of therapeutics to the brain.

The session dedicated to InNerMeD project will see the participation of representatives of the European Commission and European Organizations to discuss the important issue of the dissemination of scientific information in the field of rare disease.

The detailed programme of the event is available hereBrains For Brain 2016