BRAINS FOR BRAIN Onlus Foundation (B4B)

Italian Film Festival

9th Edition “Tumbarinu d’Argento” Award Entertainment, culture, science and solidarity

Saturday, August 29 2009, 18:30
”Maoddi” Courtyard house, Gavoi (NU), Sardinia – Italy

The “Tumbarinu d’Argento” award has closed the ninth edition of the Italian Film Festival in Gavoi.

This year the theme of the manifestation was “Cinema and health.”
Within the award ceremony, sponsored by “Solo Cinema Italiano” and “Arci di Gavoi”, three eminent scientists held a public discussion about the state of the research on rare genetic diseases.
All the three speakers are members of the Brains for Brain Foundation: Maurizio Scarpa, neuropaediatrician from University of Padua, Ingolf Blasig, neurophysiologist from the University of Berlin and Angelo Vescovi, researcher and director of the stem cell lab in Terni.
The link between Brains for Brain Foundation and the city of Gavoi is very strong and solid. In fact, the Foundation could enforce its research activity thanks to donations from this tenacious and generous community.

The Pro Roberto Committee was established on 2006 in Gavoi with the intention of financing the expensive therapies necessary to treat a child affected by a very rare neurodegenerative disease.
Two years after, the Committee decided to donate to the Brains for Brain Foundation a considerable amount of money to support a strong synergistic action for the fighting against rare genetic neurodegenerative diseases of the children.
Brains for Brain is an international task force that group together the most distinguished clinicians and experts on pediatric neurometabolic research.

The evening ceremony, dedicated to independent cinema with social utility, has provided to Brains for Brain Foundation an important opportunity to announce to a large audience, its studies and research projects on neurodegenerative diseases, evidencing the importance and impact of the gained results and the necessity to carry on working collaboratively on the fields of research.